Naturopath Consults

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Initial Consultation

A comprehensive health history as well as current health concerns. A tailor made treatment plan will be created for you to address your personal health goals.

$150 for 90mins

Follow Up Consultation

For patients who have previously completed an initial consult. Includes an assessment of progress and adjustments to the treatment plan where required. Further education and recommendations are made.

$80 for 30mins

Express Follow Up Consultation

Short 15min consult during an acute time of sickness or stress. Such as cold, UTI, poor sleep, seasonal allergies. If your symptoms are chronic in nature or you have a complex health history an initial consult may be recommended.

$50 for 15mins

Media & Consultancy

I believe optimum health should be accessible and attainable for everyone.
This is why I am passionate about education and awareness of wellbeing and enhancing health and happiness.
I am available for content and copywriting, events, speaking and workshops for your business or publication needs. Contact me to find out more.