My Winter Skin Survival Guide

Well Winter escalated quickly.

A few weeks ago, there was a pandemic of bad hair days due to the copious amounts of rain coupled with a low-level tropical rainforest humidity. Finally, the frizzy hair phase ceased, but low and behold in blows a new blizzard… the dry skin epidemic!!!

Everyone, everywhere searches for a new puffer jacket, changes the sheets to flannelette and dusts off the uggs. But what about our skin!?

Wind chapped lips, dry patches on eyes and around the mouth.

Yes, Winter is upon us.

So, how do we pivot out skincare routine to adapt to the change of season!?

Lets begin.

1. For the love of dewy, plump skin please do not pour scoldering hot water over it!

I hear you, ‘why on earth would anybody do that?’ Well you would.

The colder months mean warm, nay, HOT showers. This means we are increasing our water temperature and literally burning our face off.

Our skin is delicate.

Think of our skin as ‘pre COVID us’. Not able to adapt to change well. So, it cannot handle extreme temperature changes.

Although it is tempting to increase your shower temp, stick to a ‘warm’ shower, or if it MUST be hot, then do not put any water on your face. Choose to wash your face prior with warm water.

2. While we are on the water theme, drink it.

Winter is weirdly a very likely time for you to become dehydrated because, well, we just forget to drink water! It’s too damn cold.

But you must keep hydrated with water- not coffee, not black tea, not a gin and tonic. Water.

My favourite hydrolyte is by Ancient LakesHere is the recipe I use when I am feeling a little dehydrated. Trust me, your skin needs this drink as much as your cells.


3. “Can you turn that off! It’s too ‘blowy’”- *me to my husband every day *about the air conditioner

I hate the wind. Of all the raw elements in the world wind is my least loved.

Especially when it comes from the air conditioner. Hot air blowing on me is my worst nightmare. And I share this nightmare with your skin.

Dry air dries out your skin- you only need to look at how your fiddle leaf fig reacts to your air conditioner if you blast it every night.

It turns brown and dies (trust me, I know from personal experience)

If you must use your heater, make sure the fan is LOW and make sure you have a good quality moisturiser on for protection

A humidifier might be an investment if your skin gets really dry over night with that cold dry air.

4. Speaking of skincare. Let’s talk topicals!!

Ok so this may not be news to you but you have to pivot your skin care in winter. Upgrade to a more ‘moisturising’ product that will protect against the cold and wind!

I also make sure I use a serum under my moisturiser during winter for some extra TLC.

My favourite skincare brands are

BUT you have to get a brand that you and your skin both agree with- I liken it to choosing friends, you can have a few of them- but they MUST be good quality and you MUST get on with them.

5. Don’t forget about your friends

I personally take very good care of my skin on my face- but sometimes I can forget about and neglect the rest of my skin friends. My body….

*Sorry legs*

Yet, the skin is your LARGEST organ so you need to take care of the whole thing! Don’t forget to moisturise those cute little calves!

And while we are at it, let’s not forget our luscious lips. A patient once gave me the most life changing advice when it came to lip nourishment.

Drum roll please and don’t get weird….

Nipple cream.

Yes, I said it. Nipple cream (which is just good old pure lanolin) has saved my lips.

Nothing ever in the history of lip smackers has helped them more. Not pawpaw not coconut oil not Vaseline. I have also tried pure lanolin sold in the form of lip care. Didn’t work. Nipple cream only.

I get it from the mothers and baby aisle in the grocery store. Who knew?

6. Eat SMASH

So I can’t do a post without mentioning some kind of food. Because I think about food every 10 seconds and it is SO IMPORTANT for skin health. If I could choose one type of food for nourishing skin in winter. I would go for omega 3 rich foods!!

(and then maybe antioxidant, polyphenol rich ones like berries, fruits and rainbow veggies) BUT I only said ONE so omega 3 it is.

Best sources are oily fish- the SMASH

  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Anchovies
  • Sardines
  • Herring

Other sources include

  • Chia seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Flaxseeds
  • Olive oil
  • Hemp seeds


So that’s my winter skincare blueprint.

It may be simple, but it will also save that dry, flakily, scaly, angry skin and turn it in to a Cinderella Plump-kin.

Stay Hydrated,